Services for the Private Collector


Relax, enjoy your art! While purchasing art may be daunting even to the most experienced of art connoisseurs, it doesn’t have to be. The joy of living with art and design is one of the most fulfilling experiences that can be attained no matter the budget, with the right knowledge. Let us help you!


Art Consultation

We have advised experienced private collectors and novices alike. Unlike a gallery or captive art dealer, we maintain no inventory of art- which assures that we solely represent our client’s best interests. We can privately match interested sellers with qualified buyers for specific works of art. We also maintain relationships with emerging local artists and galleries as well as national and global auction houses.

Consult with us before making a valuable art purchase to independently evaluate the proposal.

Insurance Consultation

Our licensed insurance counselors will be able to work in concert with your current insurance agent to ensure that your possessions are adequately and accurately covered.

Our relationship with art loss registries can provide peace of mind in identifying previously stolen works of art.

Please refer to our appraisal section to learn about the services we provide when valuating and liquidating personal estates.

Inventory Management

Our home inventory management system effectively tracks and sorts your personal possessions for security and insurance purposes. It maintains records for main households and secondary residences, keeps track of charitable donations and digitally stores receipts and warranties.

With our software, video and pictorial records of personal household contents as well as fine arts and collectibles round up a perfect document for insurance agents, accountants and family members.

Proven Stewardship and Asset Management Strategies for Your Collection

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