Corporate Art Consultation and Brokers


We recognize that a corporate art collection is a valuable business asset which reflects an organization’s culture and economic power. Our team of experienced professionals provides best-in-class services in the following areas:

Art Curation and Installation

We have curated exhibits ranging from one-person shows to large-scaled gallery and institutional exhibitions. We offer logistical planning, extensive design and layout experience for special or rotating exhibitions to maximize full use of stored works not permanently on display.

Our network of art handlers and transportation professionals augment our relocation and installation expertise.

Acquisition and Disposition

To ensure that your acquisitions enhance your art portfolio’s investment value, we operate in major art markets and actively monitor emerging art trends worldwide.

When particular artworks no longer serve a company’s investment focus, our Disposition Program provides an established market distribution channel for deaccessioning these pieces.

Inventory Management

Our proprietary digital asset management system effectively tracks and sorts your current art inventory for security and insurance purposes.

It maintains restoration records, keeps track of charitable donations, records acquisition provenance and deaccession transactions.

Proven Stewardship and Asset Management Strategies for Your Collection

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